Hackney voices community choir

"When I first joined Joanna Foster and Cleo Lane’s Hackney Voices I was more than a little nervous. I had been one of those at school who had been told to be quiet while the others sang. It was the best decision I’ve made in years. I can sing! Thanks to them. They are both inspiring teachers and I’ve been a member of the choir now for over five years, and have watched the incredible way that they take absolute beginners and experienced singers and weld into a beautiful singing group. The great thing about Hackney Voices is that although it isn’t always easy, it is always fun. Jo and Cleo’s humour and professionalism bring the best out of all of us, and I admire them immensely."  Vernon Phillpot

" I have been a member of Hackney Voices , the community choir guided so brilliantly by Jo and Cleo, for  nearly 7 years, since the choir began.

The sessions are always uplifting and the songs culturally varied, including original material beautifully arranged.

During this time we have sung to our local community in a variety of different venues and have collaborated with other choirs, soloists, and creative groups such as Circa as part of Lift festival. With Jo and Cleo's inspirational teaching we learnt challenging new material in a relaxed and good humoured way, and were prepared to perform in a professional way to a paying audience "  Cath Johnson